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The lack of political consensus and insecurity would be two major challenges towards the implementation of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. Failure to address these irritants will continue to affect Pakistan’s trade and economic engagement with countries in the region, thus negatively impacting national development.

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A culture of dialogue
Muhammad Amir Rana
A sense of optimism has been prevailing in the country over the past few weeks. An improved security situation in terms of a reduction in the number of terrorist attacks, the incoming $46 billion worth of Chinese investment in energy and infrastructure projects, and Pakistan’s decision to stay away from the Yemen conflict are some major factors behind this.
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External influences
Muhammad Amir Rana
IS it not an irony for Saudi Arabia that no major political and religious party of Pakistan is ready to clearly support the kingdom’s stance on Yemen? The smaller religious groups have failed in persuading the national leadership to send troops to Yemen. Apparently, the Saudis’ public diplomacy seems to have failed in the present crisis.
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 Social media is influencing mainstream media’s approaches on human rights reporting
While lack of proper training and education and presence of an assortment of threats and constraints for journalists working in mainstream media hinder their ability and capacity to progressively report, analyze or provide the follow-up of incidents of human rights abuses, social media has created new prospects on highlighting such incidents and creating awareness among people. These views were expressed by media practitioners and experts who participated in a one-day training workshop on “Human Rights Reporting,” jointly organized by Pak Institute for Peace Studies and the Canadian   Read On >>
Progressive reporting and analysis can change skewed perceptions of a conflict
While journalists have the power to change narratives on conflict and influence public opinion, in Pakistan they lack the required capacity and professional training to develop progressive approaches to analyze and report conflicts. Besides practicing fundamental skills of journalism such as impartiality, accuracy, balance and ethics of investigation, journalists reporting conflicts should also develop skills of critical thinking and understanding of the dynamics of conflicts as well as learn the ways to manage threats in the field. Read On >>


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