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STATES and societies are struggling to find ways to deal with religion — or religious thought, to be precise. While most states see religion as a challenge, for the common man the attraction of religion is increasing. However, this attraction is not uniform as religion is also losing appeal in many parts of the world.

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Talking to the Haqqanis
Muhammad Amir Rana
THE Haqqani group was represented in the Murree talks. But it is not clear if and how the group can influence the overall peace process and make commitments on behalf of the Afghan Taliban. While keeping them on board in the larger process, a parallel prudent course could be to engage the Haqqanis in separate, direct talks.
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THE month of Ramazan is one of the seasons which militants use to secure their yearly finances. While extremist and militant groups are set to raise funds during the holy month, the government has not taken any concrete measures to stop them from doing so.
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Al-Azhar University’s Peace Caravan stresses world peace, calls for shunning violence
A visiting delegate from Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar University said that the extremist elements have nothing to do with Islam. The delegate’s head, Dr. Yusuf Amen, a professor at Al-Azhar University, underscored the need for peace, as advocated by Islam, saying that the world cannot progress without peace. “Those on the wrong path should come back”, he said, adding that Islam forbids the killing of fellow Muslims  Read On >>
Participants and speakers in a national workshop, on social harmony, deliberated that social disharmony largely stem from societal attitudes, banking on misconceptions about each other. These misconceptions, they argued, can be erased by mutual dialogue, which serves as the first step in understanding each other.
The daylong workshop was organized by Pak Institute for Peace Studies, an Islamabad-based think-tank, and conducted in three sessions, attended by around 30 young religious scholars of all Islamic sects Read on


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