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Pakistan Security Report 2014: Terrorist attacks and fatalities fell by 30pc during 2014

A total of 1,206 terrorist attacks were carried out by militant, nationalist/insurgent and violent sectarian groups in Pakistan in the year 2014 including 26 suicide blasts, which claimed 1,723 lives besides injuring another 3,143. While the number of terrorist attacks in 2014 decreased by 30 percent from the year before, the overall number of people killed and injured in these attacks also decreased by 30 and 42 percent, respectively. These statistics were provided in Pakistan Security Report 2014, prepared and recently released by Pak Institute for Peace Studies.
The report further reveals that 436 of the total reported terrorist attacks (about 36 percent) across Pakistan exclusively targeted security forces and law enforcement agencies. Also, the comparative 30 percent decrease in the number of terrorist attacks reported across Pakistan in 2014 was marked by the decreased incidence of terrorist attacks in most regions of Pakistan, except Punjab and Islamabad.
The security forces launched a total of 130 operational strikes against militants in 23 districts and regions of Pakistan, most of them in the North Waziristan and Khyber agencies of FATA, which killed 1,917 militants besides nine civilians, one FC soldier and three army troops. <br>

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 Screening Cermony: Experts reviewed PIPS media productions on interfaith harmony and coexistence


Scholars, experts and representatives of civil society and human rights organizations watched and reviewed some short films, documentaries and songs produced by Pak Institute for Peace Studies in collaboration with Narratives Pvt. (Ltd.) as part of its ongoing program “Creating an environment that supports interfaith harmony, peace and democratic discourse in Pakistan.” Screened in Islamabad on December 3, 2014, these media productions highlighted aspects of life shared by various religious communities in Pakistan, challenges faced by the minority communities in the country and their role and contribution in the national development.
One of the documentaries titled “Our heroes, our ideals” narrated untold stories of non-Muslim heroes of Pakistan such as Dewan Bahadur Sataya Prakash Singha, commonly known as SP Singha and group captain (retd.) Cecil Chaudhry. It was Mr. Singha who casted the decisive vote during the partition of India that made modern-day Punjab a part of Pakistan, a contribution that is huge but largely unheard of in the country. The documentary also highlighted the role of Cecil Chaudhry who was a veteran fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force and fought significant air-to-air and air-to-ground battles in the wars of 1965 and 1971

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