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Regional Strategic Issues

Research Papers/Reports
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: an assessment of potential threats and constraints
Safdar Sial

2014 withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan: implications for regional security
Safdar Sial and Talha Saeed Satti

Anatomy of Green-on-Blue Attacks
Ehsan Mehmood Khan

State-building in Afghanistan: Are Reforms Sustainable?
Umar Riaz

Taliban Insurgency in Pakistan: A Counterinsurgency Perspective
Muhammad Amir Rana

Taliban on the March: Threat Assessment and Security Implications for the Region
Safdar Sial

Prospects for Pak-China Relations in 2011: Political, Militants and Public Views
Nida Naz

Pakistan’s ties with Central Asian States: Irritants and Challenges
Farhat Asif

Pak-Afghan Relations: Emerging Trends and Future Prospects
Safdar Sial

Radicals’ Influx into Border Areas: Impact on Inter-state Relations in South Asia
Muhammad Amir Rana









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