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Internal Conflicts

Research Papers/Reports

Persecuting Pakistan’s minorities: state complicity or historic neglect?
Razeshta Sethna

FATA reforms: journey so far and the way forward
Asmatullah Khan Wazir

Militant economy of Karachi
Zia Ur Rehman

Political Cost the ANP Paid in Its Fight against Extremists
Khadim Hussain

Understanding FATA
Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi

A Progressive Understanding of Pashtun Social Structures amidst Current Conflict in FATA
Brian R. Kerr

Religious Behaviors in Pakistan: Impact on Social Development
Muhammad Azam

FATA Tribal Economy in the Context of Ongoing Militancy
Asif Mian

Post-911 Peace Narrative in Pakistan
Shabana Fayyaz

Poverty and Militancy
Safiya Aftab

Analysis of Peace Agreements with Militants and Lessons for the Future
Sohail Habib Tajik









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