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Research Papers/Reports
The concept and practices of CVE
Muhammad Amir Rana

Politics of Radicalization and De-radicalization: Impact on Pakistan’s Security Dynamics
Salma Malik

Modes and Scale of Conflict in Pakistan’s Swat Valley (1989-2008)
Khadim Hussain

The Process of Radicalization: Contextualizing the Case of Pakistan
Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi

Swat De-radicalization Model: Prospects for Rehabilitating Militants
Muhammad Amir Rana

A Link between Poverty and Radicalization in Pakistan
Manzar Zaidi

Radicalization Perceptions of Educated Youth in Pakistan
A survey by PIPS

Litterateurs’ Response to Extremism in Pakistan
Muhammad Amir Rana

Jihad, Extremism and Radicalization: A Public Perspective
Safdar Sial and Tanveer Anjum

Trends and Patterns of Radicalization in Pakistan
Mujtaba Rathore and Abdul Basit

Radicalization in Pakistan Understanding the Phenomenon
A survey by PIPS

Radicalization and De-Radicalization in Singapore and Pakistan A Comparison
Ishtiaq Ahmed

Deradicalization: Approaches and Models
Saba Noor and Shagufta Hayat

Radicalization in Sri Lanka
Ranga Kalansooriya

Radicalization in Pakistan: Sociocultural Realities
Muhammad Azam

Defining the Phenomenon of Radicalization in Pakistan

The Arabist Shift from Indo-Persian Civilization & Genesis of Radicalization in Pakistan
Arshi Salemm Hashmi

PIPS Launches Report on its Yearlong Engagement-for-Peace with Religious Scholars
Scholars, policy advisors and representatives of academic and research institutes acknowledged the role of religious scholars in promoting peace and harmony in society and agreed that they should be engaged in dialogue with other segments of society for that purpose. They emphasized that such a dialogue was much needed not only to facilitate interaction and accommodation between the religious and secular discourses in the country but also to create awareness among people about the threats of extremist and violent ideologies and actors. They expressed these...Read On >>

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