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The Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) is an independent, not-for-profit non governmental research and advocacy think-tank. An initiative of leading Pakistani scholars, researchers and journalists, PIPS conducts wide-ranging research and analysis of political, social and religious conflicts that have a direct bearing on both national and international security.

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PIPS Programmes

The PIPS evaluates the role of media very important due to its innate potential for contributing to conflict resolution, de-radicalization and democratization. The PIPS focus on Pakistani media has two elements. First to carry out research studies on role, capacity and narratives of media, putting more emphasis on journalists and media representatives, and secondly to engage media persons in debates and conduct training workshops with them with an aim to improve their understanding of the conflicts and issues and bridge their capacity gaps.

The PIPS worked extensively with Pakistani media persons and journalists to generate awareness on radicalization. A series of PIPS media workshops during 2008 was successfully managed where journalists, particularly from conflict zones, were told about the PIPS research findings on radicalization and were encouraged to share their views on the issue. At the same time the Institute has been engaging FM radio channels, particularly in conflict zones, to create awareness about peace, and also plans to hold training workshops with radio journalists.

Media Events

IMS Launch Pakistan Media Report

PIPS FM Radio Deradicalization Campaign Gets on Air

The Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) and the Karwan-e-Aman set on air FM Radio Deradicalization Campaign in Pakistan in national and regional languages on 1st March 2011. The PIPS has collaborated with the Karwan-e-Aman to produce and disseminate this campaign as part of its Deradicalization Plan (2007-13). The purpose is to counter the extremist ideologies at societal level by creating awareness among the people about Islamic messages of peace, tolerance, religious harmony, peaceful co-existence and social welfare.

Recordings of the selected programs will be soon placed at Pak Institute for Peace Studies’ website www.san-pips.com.

PIPS Programs Directory: Accomplished and In-process Elements
PIPS MIP-DV-CR Plan (2008-2012)
A) Media Monitoring and Research

B) Experience Sharing and Policy Advocacy

C) Capacity Building and Training of Journalists


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