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The Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) is an independent, not-for-profit non governmental research and advocacy think-tank. An initiative of leading Pakistani scholars, researchers and journalists, PIPS conducts wide-ranging research and analysis of political, social and religious conflicts that have a direct bearing on both national and international security.

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PIPS Programmes
Democracy and Governance

The PIPS sees it imperative to support and work for democracy and good governance in Pakistan where democracy has not yet taken root as a tradition and thinking in all layers of society. This transitional period is, nonetheless, prone to increased risks for conflicts. The Institute has been prioritizing democracy and governance, and their related themes, in its research and advocacy discourses.

The Institute conducted a comprehensive survey before the February 2008 elections, which targeted two groups across Pakistan: registered political party workers and voters. The objective of this exercise was to identify some of the key determinants of political behaviour in Pakistan. It also explored the nature of party affiliation, levels of grassroots participation in political parties’ internal affairs and the rationale of political activism. In the case of voters, the survey made an attempt to gauge the factors that do—or do not—influence their decisions.


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