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Media for Peace & Democracy

Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) has been working on and with the print and electronic media since its inception. This engagement with the media is rooted in PIPS’ conviction in the key role that media can play in conflict resolution, de-radicalization and democratization in society and promoting peace. This focus on Pakistani media has two elements. One is to carry out research studies on the role, capacity and narratives of media, putting more emphasis on journalists and media representatives, and secondly, to engage media persons in consultations and conduct training workshops with them with the aim of improving their understanding of the conflicts and related issues and bridge capacity gaps.

Through a series of media workshops journalists, particularly from conflict zones of the country, have been informed about the PIPS research findings on radicalization and encouraged to share their views on the issue. The Institute has also been engaging FM radio channels, particularly in conflict zones, to create awareness about peace.

Besides extensive research on Pakistan’s mainstream and alternative or militants’ media, PIPS has vast experience in holding capacity building and training workshops for and focus group discussions and seminars with journalists and media practitioners. The Institute has conducted empirical research studies exploring radicalization and media in Pakistan as well as patterns of reporting on human rights issues in Pakistani print and electronic media. PIPS has conducted numerous training workshops with journalists on the issue of radicalization as part of its awareness campaign for peace with a view to establish a network of opinion makers to influence public views against radicalization and militancy, and generate awareness, and enable media persons to deal with the issue by playing a credible and positive role in society.

The Institute is a key partner in an ongoing media project, which is aimed at improving co-operation between the electronic and print media of Pakistan and Afghanistan and arranging training for journalists of both countries to improve the media’s capacity through cross-border collaborations. Under the initiative, a journalists’ exchange programme was initiated between Pakistan and Afghanistan in early 2011.

In December 2011, PIPS organised in Islamabad in collaboration with Intermedia Pakistan, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, and International Media Support an international conference on media and professionalism which focused on “keeping journalists and journalism safe in hostile environments”.

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