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Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) has been working on and with the print and electronic media since its inception. This engagement with the media is rooted in PIPS’ conviction in the key role that media can play in conflict resolution, de-radicalization and democratization in society and promoting peace. This focus on Pakistani media has two elements. One is to carry out research studies on the role, capacity and narratives of media, putting more emphasis on journalists and media representatives, and secondly, to engage media persons in consultations and conduct training workshops with them with the aim of improving their understanding of the conflicts and related issues and bridge capacity gaps. Through a series of media workshops journalists, ...Read more>>

Capacity Building and Training Initiatives

Media Monitoring and Research

Apart from properly understanding cultural sensitivities and local context of conflicts, Pakistani journalists need to learn fundamental concepts and practices linked to conflict-sensitive or peace journalism with a view  .....
While lack of proper training and education and presence of an assortment of threats and constraints for journalists working in mainstream media hinder their ability and capacity to progressively report,  .....
While journalists have the power to change narratives on conflict and influence public opinion, in Pakistan they lack the required capacity and professional training to develop progressive approaches to analyze and report conflicts. Besides practicing fundamental skills of journalism
International Media Conference
Media and Professionalism: Keeping Journalists and Journalism Safe in Hostile Environments
Safety of journalists must be the top priority for media organisations as well as state institutions in order to ensure the freedom of media in Pakistan, concluded speakers at a two-day international media conference organised by Pak Institute for Peace Studies and Intermedia Pakistan in Islamabad on December 12 & 13, 2011. The speakers at the conference, titled ‘Media and Professionalism: Keeping Journalists and Journalism Safe in Hostile Environments', warned that in an ever competitive media industry reporters and photojournalists must remain ever cautious and avoid taking undue risks because no story was worth their life. The conference brought together media practitioners from Pakistan and other South and South Asian countries and beyond, as well as representatives from international media watchdogs and support organizations such as International Media Support (IMS), International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Among those who spoke or chaired sessions included PIPS Director Amir Rana, Intermedia Director Adnan Rehmat, Finn Rasmussen from...Read more>>
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